Greenfields Projects

The term greenfield refers to ventures that are being newly established. Such ventures can be in any sector and can include industrial plants, service businesses, or real estate developments. Caravel Financial aids the promoters of greenfield projects by preparing the necessary business plans and feasibility studies. Our focus is to make a genuine assessment of the proposed venture with the goal of identifying the critical parameters that affect its viability and developing a deep understanding of how these parameters interact with each other.


We work closely with the promoters’ technical and legal advisors and carefully incorporate their insights and views into our studies. By building highly detailed financial models and using tools such as sensitivity analyses and Monte Carlo simulations we can assess and quantify the impact of the various risks that a project faces. We carry out extensive ‘what if’ experiments to highlight the factors that project promoters need to control or change in order to maximize their chances of exceeding their target return on investment.


Once a project’s viability is established, Caravel Financial can then proceed to raise the required finance (whether debt or equity) by leveraging its strong relationship with local and international financial institutions. We negotiate on behalf of our clients to secure advantageous financing terms and covenants that ensure that the project is successful and stress resistant in the long term. In later stages of the project’s lifecycle, we can address refinancing needs or raise expansion capital.