About The Firm

Caravel Financial is an independent financial advisory firm incorporated in April 2009 as a joint stock company. We focus on four main lines of business: greenfield projects; concessions; private equity deals; and mergers and acquisitions. The firm is based in Egypt and targets opportunities primarily in the MENA region and Sub-Saharan Africa.


Mission Statement
Our mission is to give high quality, fast and reliable financial advice to our clients while always putting their best interest first.


The Caravel
The ‘caravel’ was a type of light sailing ship used by Portuguese sailors from the 15th to the 18th century to explore the coast of Africa. Using their caravels, Portuguese navigators charted a route around the Cape of Good Hope thus opening new trade links between Europe, Africa and Asia. A typical caravel could reach 30 meters in length and carry up to 130 tons of cargo. At the height of its development the caravel had four masts rigged with square or lateen sails. Compared to other ships of the day, the caravel was very fast, manoeuvrable and dependable – qualities that Caravel Financial seeks to emulate.